Unlock Your Inner Locksmith

So you want to become a locksmith but you’re not exactly sure as to how to get there. I understand. Because I was once there too. Fortunately, I found the right person somehow along the way who showed me the ropes. And now, 15 years later, I’m here to be that person for you.


  • The first thing you want to do to become a locksmith is check to see what sort of licenses and certification you need in your state to work legally. In some states, all you need in order to begin working is to pass a background check. However, other states require that you go through an entire training program and pass a licensing examination. Most of the schools/courses you would attend include training on key identification, key making, lock installation, lock picking, the difference between residential, commercial and automotive locks and a wide range of other locksmith crafts.
  • If you’re ready to get into some hands on work and gain experience before diving straight in, (which is always recommended and gives you some credibility), you can always take up an apprenticeship. There are many companies who hire on apprentices of all ages looking to gain experience. Most are willing and happy to pass on the trade and help. And as a hint, you may want to seek out an apprentice position within a company you would be interested in working for long term. You’re always most likely to land a job with a company that’s familiar with you.
  • Be sure you’re comfortable with working with drills, lathes and grinders. You’ll be working with them a lot in this business and the more comfortable you are with them off top, the quicker you’ll accelerate in your trade.
  • Once you’ve gained the experience, go out and find a job. You may couple this with joining a professional organization that will get you started and ensure you’re on the right path. From here on out, everything should be smooth sailing if you’ve taken the initial and continued training seriously. Of course, finding the first job is always the hardest so don’t get discouraged.

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